Version 0.5.1 available

I just release the version 0.5.1 of WAF-FLE as a bugfix.
The main fix was a mistake in timezone treatment (for events reception) for countries ahead of UTC ( ie, +0200), along other minor bug fix and code cleanup.

To download check the Download page

WAF-FLE Screeshots

As requested by some modsecurity users, we have now a page where you can see the WAF-FLE screenshots.

As the version will evolve, I’ll update it.

WAF-FLE Discussion list

To help on user support we have created a discussion list where you will can solve your doubts about WAF-FLE usage and configuration, and you can share experience. To start now on discussion list check out Support page.


WAF-FLE 0.5, initial release

WAF-FLE logoToday I’m happy to release, the first version of WAF-FLE (version 0.5), at OWASP AppSec’11 Latam, a new console for Modsecurity , that fills the gap for a OpenSource console for modsecurity.

The code is (as probably all initial releases) subject to bugs, and should be used with care, but my own use shows that it can handle lots of events even in an oldĀ  server. Supporting peaks of 180 events per second, keeping more than 10 million eventsĀ  in the database (with tittle performance degradation).

I believe that the Filter (used to drill down events) is the most significant feature in this release, once it allows the user to quickly find an event or filter out what he doesn’t want.

Your feedback is very important to improve its quality.

Klaubert Herr
The WAF-FLE Project